Thursday, December 12, 2019

For Obeying With the Recommendations †

Question: Discuss about the Obeying With the Recommendations. Answer: The purpose of my memoranda is based on the issue in the regularity of information that has been provided to our future clients. Thus, there have been certain policy changes and the agents are requested to obey the guidance mentioned in this memo. From a huge survey done upon the clients it has come up that they are facing issues regarding the information that are providing about the different services we provide. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to make certain changes in our policies. Agents are requested to follow these recommendations through the changed policies for the companys benefits and good will. As we know choosing, an oversea course and study destination is a strenuous job and so students come to us for guidance. Though the agents have been aware of the policies that what to deliver and how but still there seems to be some issue regarding that. The problem might have arrived due to lack of experience of some agents; the agents should provide information regarding those universities that are under their authorization because otherwise they cannot get the proper information about those that are not tied up with them. We cannot guarantee any permanent Visa and work placement and so we should not give false hopes to attract students. Our job is to help with application and so we need to be honest throughout the application process. Education agents job is to provide assistance and provides the options for getting educating abroad. Even if the agents do not have any experience of being educated abroad, with the daily experiences they are having with the clients they must have ac quire some experiences, which should help them, grow. The changes in the policies that are recommended for the agents are that they must get acceptance from the organization before preparing any material for local marketing and for advertising them to the clients. Once they are seeking for this acceptance the hierarchy will also get to know about the materials they have prepared and thus the advertising and marketing will be free from any faults. The agents are in a way representing the moral values of the company to the clients and thus they must do indulge in any kind of unethical marketing. The agents must be confirm that that they are appropriately enlightened with the instructions that they are delivering to the clients, they must be having appropriate knowledge for the courses that they are offering because if the agents will have the accurate knowledge then only they can guide the students. There are a number of institutions, that are in our list and the agents must present all the institutions in an equitable and fairly manner s o that the clients get to know about all the options that they can opt for while they are selecting universities abroad. As we also find accommodation for the students who are going abroad through us and we are assisting them throughout thus the agents needs to be specific and honest so that the clients get what they have been promised by our agents. In this way the expectations of our clients will be encountering with the experience that they will be having in future and if they are satisfied and get what they have been promised then that will be beneficial for our company. Now apart from the universities and accommodations we also help our clients with the transport related advices. However when we are doing that we must enlighten them will the cost of estimation, the concessions as well as other benefits related to that. And lastly the advices that we for childcare services to the students abroad we must be more specific about the durations of the services like the opening hours as well as the university breaks. Thus, these are the recommendations that we want the agents to follow to get over the pr oblems that our clients are facing which can effect out good will in the future and so to avoid that we must take these precautions. Thus, from the memo you will get to know the crisis that our clients are facing and for which we have to make these upper recommendations so that they can get authentic information for studying abroad. The recommendations are given in details in this memo, which the agents must abide by. By following the upper recommendations, we can hope that our services will be providing help to the clients. In addition, if clients are satisfied with our services than they can also recommend their friends and relatives and help in expanding our marketing. Our honesty will definitely help our clients to have a hassle free journey and so in that way they will have a nice experience with us. If on the pre hand we are letting our clients know about all the benefits, concessions and estimated cost in a clear then they will have the faith on us while investing their money. By providing accurate and on the point information we can actually help the client to have built real expectations that can be met. Being clear, honest and straight towards the information we are providing we will be able to build a reputation and good name for our organization in the competitive market as well. Therefore, it is very important for our agents to be true and to obey the recommendations that are revealed in this memo to maintain the organizations reputation and provide a detail and thorough information to the clients so that they get a clear idea about education facilities and processes for going abroad. In case you have any query or if you think that, you need any assistance from our side regarding the improvised policies or anything regarding the issues, please do not hesitate to contact me in the official working hours at Sigma Global. References Hanson, V., Caputo, John S., Caputo, Giovanni. (2015).Studying Abroad: Adaptive Communication for Effective Intercultural Interactions,ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. Highum, A. (2014).Undergraduate Global Education: Issues for Faculty, Staff, and Students. New York: John Wiley Sons, Incorporated. Importance of studying abroad needs to be increased. (2017, February 27).UWIRE Text, p. 1. Lack of information prevents some students from studying abroad. (2013, March 28).UWIRE Text, p. 1. Nguyen, M. (2012). Vietnamese Students' Transitions in Study Abroad Programs.Australian Journal of Career Development,21(3), 13-22. Notre Dame adds new summer study abroad programs Students study abroad in alternative programs. 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